Joy Betts - R.I.P.

I am struggling for the words to say but I need to tell you all about Joy.

A few days ago she started her radiotherapy. She had it for 3 days. On Thursday a chest infection she was fighting developed into Pneumonia.

On Friday her brain started to shut down and she became unresponsive. All we got was about 2 seconds when she woke, smiled and gave a wave. She asked that no one was to know about her hospitalisation.

Yesterday her condition deteriorated and they put her on a machine to aid her breathing. She received it for 14 hours but did not respond to that or any other treatment.

At 7 pm last night they decided that the only other option was to remove the machine and the IV lines, give her some morphine and let her drift away.

She lost her brave battle at 11 pm exactly.

Keith and I were with her holding her hands as she took her last breath. Both him and I are devastated.

It was peaceful for her and she was neither in pain nor aware of what was happening.

Joy was a wonderful Lady and a true inspiration to me. We told her endlessly last night how much she was loved and kissed her many times as she left.

We will post details of the funeral etc once we have the information.

In the meantime feel free to leave messages on her facebook page of condolences and memories.

Sleep well lovely lady - I hope the sun is shining wherever you are xxxxx

Master Keith and Atrum Dea
Monday 4th August 2014